The Music of Prayer Call

The Soundtrack to this film is expected to be a highlight with a mix of major needle-drop hit songs from years back, Global Current Religious Songs and a few original songs, mostly full choir or trios and duets. We expect to delve very deeply into the very rarely shared culture of inmate-musicians and also into the spiritual culture of Urban America. We intend to explore in the deep and rooted traditions of ethnomusicology, the culture of music of the incarcerated, the released and those around them in support, worship and care.




To my friends of India who have shown friend-to-me in-film as well.

I want to use this band, leave them full mechanical rights in place, add them as final sound to final soundtrack and use both married-film and final {Copyright fade} [Wahe Gidi Gidi] {Booom}

 I would expect as I begin the offer with protecting their  rights, The Married Score will follow my acknowledged "Movie-Complete Model for Married Score Rights."


Karan Katiyar - Guitars, Production, Programming Jayant Bhadula - Vocals

 Raoul Kerr is Khalsa--Khalsa Hahsa.  Waheguru.


Sincere and Salval International

Alexander Valdez {Sahiv}

Your Friend in Cinema

{I am still very interested in Directing your State film on Guru Gobi Singh}