If your heroes endeavor and succeed or fail, they shall be proven and the arena is the proving ground of champions.  The arena will most likely be suited to the type of hero or heroine you have written.  If they barter for a living, they may have the arena of a stock or futures floor or a boardroom, if they fight for a living they may find themselves in a boxing ring.  If they are gladiators, they may find themselves in the coliseum.  If they are lawyers they may find themselves in a courtroom.   The Arena gives them a setting and most likely also a set of rules.  The most interesting long form stories will most likely have your characters also shown in venues other than their main arena.  Both you as the writer, and they as the character, will strive towards the arena and the character's chance to shine. 


Alexander Valdez is a filmmaker and author. He has written A Writer’s Guide to the Hero’s Journey and Screenwriter’s Notebook. He is the founder of the Cinema-Libre Film Movement, a National Merit Scholar and first appeared in the Hollywood Creative Directory in 2002 under Academy Award Winning Producer Al Ruddy and Producer Andre Morgan as a Story Editor. He has served as a Writer’s Guild Writer’s Assistant, is inducted into the Director’s Guild of America and has a hiring contract for the Producer’s Guild of America. He is a point-member in Actor’s Equity Association and also a composer listed to the American Society of Composer and Performers, where at the time or invitation he was the youngest member invited to the union. He has also done voice for Radio to membership in the American Film, Television and Radio Actors, now SAG-AFTRA.

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