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By using diverse characters you will be able to explore complex concepts in simple ways. Introducing characters you are proud of in a story is a fun and interesting thing as a writer you get to do. Imaginative characters are fun for your audience and

All characters have conflict.  Often their conflicts arise from goals.  The type of goals will determine where your character chooses to exist and towards what they choose to endeavor.  As you tell your story, try to solve as many dilemmas as you can

Why are certain elements in your story? Why have you or your characters made the decisions presented in your story?  Explore new elements.  If you have spent a month on each of these twelve concepts diligently, by now you should have enough of your s

Changes in the game plan for your characters allow you to show their drive and inventiveness. The best plan for your characters is often the plan they devise as the audience observes. Your characters may be able to overcome many of their difficulties

Nothing great comes without sacrifice and this is no less true in life than in the journey of your characters.  What do your characters forfeit or relinquish?  What do they forgo?  Is part of their sacrifice based on what they need to endure?  Ultima

     Your heroes are your champions around whom the story revolves.  They are often brave and even if they are not normally courageous, they are at least courageous enough to accomplish a goal.  The type of hero or heroine in your story determines th

     If your heroes endeavor and succeed or fail, they shall be proven and the arena is the proving ground of champions.  The arena will most likely be suited to the type of hero or heroine you have written.  If they barter for a living, they may hav

    The agitation, commotion and excitement in the arena often have a time and place to occur such as trading is open, the fight is on or the jury is assembled.  The type of exchange the heroes endure is often public and often with physical action, s

      The heroes set goals both for themselves and for their adventure.  The goals define the type of hero or heroine your character will be and, as mentioned before, the type of hero or heroine they are determines the story.  If your audience emotes

     The characters at odds with the heroes are as important as the goals.  They are the antagonists or protagonists depending on your structure.  Generally, a protagonist tries to accomplish a goal and an antagonist tries to stop a goal.  If describ

      Most stories in which the character is proven a hero or heroine, the audience is allowed to see the character at the beginning of the story would not have been able to have triumphed against the challenges they face at the end of the story, unl

      Even beyond the gain, there is something larger than the heroes left altered from the adventure which improves the universal whole.  If the Gain is what the heroes gain, the Benefit is what the heroes give.   In other words, the positive effect

    Eventually, the adventure of every hero comes to a close.  The resolve is proven by what the people are willing to do from what the heroes have taught them and exemplified. In a return to normalcy, the any-man must carry forward what the heroes a

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