About the Cinema-Libre Film Movement:

The Tenets of the Cinema-Libre Film Movement

  1.      To the Cinema-Libre Filmmaker, money does not exist.  Cinema-Libre is an expression of pure creativity, free of fears of profitability and commerciality.  All filmmakers and films working under the Cinema-Libre Code should recognize the divine state of being and that state's innate ability to create everything from nothing. In this creator's image, all skills, materials, talent, lighting elements, design elements, production equipment and other tools must be native to the artists, borrowed from friends or liberated.  Manual labor and other working as a bartering tool is strongly encouraged as the Cinema-Libre Filmmaker is expected to be of service.


  2.      All films created under the Cinema-Libre Code must be as positive as possible in nature, with the heroes representing loving-kindness and the beauty, truth, and difficulty natural to the state of the human condition.  They should further teach tested and real techniques to the audience for the liberation from worldly suffering, as best understood by the filmmakers, including: meditation, presence, communion, forgiveness, sobriety, surrender, self-actualization and finding inner peace, calm, and joy.


  3.     All Cinema-Libre Filmmakers should, whenever possible, use the tenets expressed by Cinéma-Vérité Filmmakers, combining both ideals to create the Cinema of Truth and Freedom.

About Prayer Call

It is the desire to create cinema that inspires, builds empathy and understanding that led Vision Quest Entertainment Incorporated, the business behind the Cinema-Libre Film Movement to make the documentary, Prayer Call.

Prayer Call is a full length documentary on the trials and tribulations of men put through the harsh and often abusive prison system in the United States. We follow the inmates through their gatherings in prayer calls, their releases and document their return to society.


Posted by Prayer Call on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Prayer Call is still in the pre-production stage, you can find out more about it here.

What’s the Cinema-Libre Movement?

The Cinema-Libre is a collaborative movement founded around three tenets. The essence of this movement is that for a true filmmaker, making movies is more of an expression of creativity, without the constraints of commerciality or profitability.

We believe in creating art for art’s sake. The films that are made under this Movement are always positive, thoughtful, contemplative and empathetic, reinforcing love and kindness for the fellow man (or woman).   

As a part of our community, you will get all the help and encouragement you need to find forgiveness, surrender, self-actualization, joy and inner peace through your art. Together, we shall create cinemas of Truth and Freedom.


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At Cinema-Libre, we are true believers in the Concept Global.

What does Concept Global mean?

We transcend deep political divides and intentionally accept multiple points of view. We believe that cinema should unite, not divide.

We are all a part of an interconnected global community.  Yes, we are divided by borders, religion, religion, race and sexual preferences. Yes, we have a world that is deeply divided between the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, the upper class and the working class.

Cinema should bring people together and not make them hate each other. Reinforce love for humanity that transcends the artificial boundaries created by race, religion and politics.

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30 sec teaser on Prayer Call, our Documentary Feature in Pre-Production

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The Cinema-Libre is founded in the Presence Movement.